Jump In the Water
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Διάρκεια: 3:57 - Cd: Me Wanna Dance
(Στίχοι / Μουσική: Mάρκος Κούμαρης)

Planet earth, earth is turnin'
Time has stopped, sun is burnin'
One fine day I will be flyin' away
One fine day I will be flyin' away
but just right now
I jump in the water

Time has passed, the past is a fiction
My future dreams, just an addiction
One fine day...

Tears in my eyes, can't stop them fallin'
Something inside is callin' and callin'
One fine day...

As the night is falling
and the bass is calling
and the drum is rolling
through the silence
In a flow that’s moving
and a pulse that’s grooving
all the senses are improving
without violence
As my life is spinning
it feels like a beginning
and the riddim is winning control
All the eyes are open
and the groove has woken
up the spirits of the broken dawn

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