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Διάρκεια: 4:24 - Cd: New Day Rising
(Στίχοι / Μουσική : The Heartbeat Band)

For so long time the people are waiting
Controlled by dem rulers, the day is not coming
I say, the people in the land have got to go on
‘cause everyday bring bread and there’s trouble along.

One day, one day the sun will shine.

They ‘re coming home to their families
Waiting to bring them little food
To keep them from starving
And all of the nights they can’t get to sleep
‘cause their stomach is empty and hurts, so they weep.

They travel along on their road to the jail
With the beats of a stick and a whole in them bellies
Many one died, other will arise with nothing to say
But the look in dem eyes.

Colonial rule, make me walk like tool,
Use me like mule,
Colonial rule, use me like tool, make me walk like a mule.

One day… the sun will shine
Over the mountain, over the valley, over the tree
One day…

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